Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Digi the Radio Alarm Clock – RIP

Yesterday was a sad day; it saw the demise of my very old radio alarm clock. It was 33 years of age; it had been through many battles and scrapes. It had been dropped many times; it had lots of different drinks spilt on to it, from tea to coffee to alcohol. It had been with me most of my life. It had been my friend for many years, showing me the time, and waking me up when I was younger and unable to wake up naturally. It had started my day to many ‘Radio One’ DJ’s, going back as far as Mike Reid and Simon Mayo; if not further I cannot remember now.

My Radio Alarm Clock was a basic ‘Sony Digicube’ Digi for short, which I received on my 8th birthday, I was less than pleased with this gift at the time, I really wanted a bike, but then sometimes the thing you expect the least from, you end up getting the most out of. I thought it was indestructible as it was dropped many times and everything from toast to books were kept on top of it.

How many times did I stare at Digi hoping the time would stand still so I could get another 30 minutes before rising, to go to school, then college, then work? In its later years it was needed less and less, and the alarm side and the radio have not been used in over five years now. Maybe Digi knew deep down inside it was time to go.

Last night as the bright blue illuminated digital readout of the time, flared bright then started to flicker; the light then slowly dimmed and flickered once more. This continuous bright flickering then dim flickering went on for about half an hour, then it was incredibly bright before fading slowly and then going out altogether. Digi was gone.

I watched in stunned silence for a good while hoping like in the past Digi would come back from the dead, but this did not happen, the light had gone, Digi’s time was done.

Eventually after staring at the now blank space in the darkness of night, where for most of my life a little blue light of time had always been there, I slowly drifted off to sleep. In the morning I awoke and realised Digi was definitely not coming back, the small, dirty, white, plastic box was sitting there with no blue time, just an empty box of memories.

As they would say on Red Dwarf, I hope the Digi has gone up to silicone heaven, he definitely deserves to be there, he was a good servant, and the only thing that has ever stuck with me for so long. I will miss my little box of time, I doubt I will ever find something so robust and long lasting ever again.

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