Saturday, 24 March 2012

Now Time

Just watched the second of Brain Green’s docs, this time he is talking about time.  I always find time a strange concept and some of the things he mentions make a lot of sense.  Yet some things just don’t seem correct and I feel scientists are missing something important.  Time to me is a human creation that has no real bearing on reality or the Universe, apart from the perceived perspective of a human being living on Planet Earth.  The idea of individual moments makes more sense, but I feel and it may just be a case of not knowing the full picture I know, but I feel scientists only see time in a linear way.

The example they give in the show about how time can be past present and future is simple enough. Imagine an alien on a distant world is on the same now moment as a person on Earth, but if the alien starts to move away from the person on Earth in this case on a bike, then the now time changes and because the alien is moving away then the now time of the person on Earth move backwards and is in the past.  And of course if the alien cyclist started to cycle towards the man on Earth the now time would shift into the future.

This to me seems as though they are missing the point of now time, the now moment, surely whether they are moving forwards or backwards in relation to another object far away should not change the now time, but instead the perceived time.  As I mentioned before if you are on a space ship travelling at a 1000 light years an hour towards Andromeda, then the Milky Way will get younger and Andromeda will get older in your perceived time.  But as we should know Andromeda and the Milky Way are exactly the same in now time. 

I don’t know if that makes sense but it seems pretty obvious to me that there is massive difference between the two types of time. I suppose it depends on the scales at which now time is perceived.  If you perceive it from the perspective of a human living on Earth, on a 1000 light year an hour spaceship, then the galaxies grow older or younger depending on your place in the observation net, so to speak.   Another way to perceive it is to say that from the scale of a galaxy now time stipulates that Andromeda and the Milky Way are on the same now time.  Yet from Earth, Andromeda has a now time of minus two million years, and if we were to travel on the 1000 light years per hour space ship, now time relative to Earth would change accordingly so that every hour that passed would move us nearer to Andromeda now time and further away from Milky Way now time from the perspective of the human on the space ship.  At least that is how it seems to me. 

More importantly, although we would perceive a feeling of time travel into the future as we move towards Andromeda, in fact it isn’t actually changing at all.  Only the perception of time changes, not the actuality.  At least that is how I see it.

Another thing they mention is why time always travels forwards when physics says it can travel backwards as well, they mention entropy, I think I may have discussed this before, the theory of stability turning into chaos; they use an arrow firing into a target or a glass of wine smashing on the floor.  Surely they are governed by the laws of motion and force exerted.  And also the ideas that the Universe is constantly going from stability to chaos makes no sense when you think of a gas changing to a liquid and then to a solid, or say sand changing to glass.  Surely both those examples break the laws of entropy.

Obviously these are all my conclusions to what I perceive and I know that it is just thought, a brain dump, and it has no scientific basis but I always find it good to ponder things and question everything even if it is establish theory.  Everything is right until it is proved wrong by a newer and better idea, and most ideas start as crazy notions, I am sure Einstein said as much though probably more eloquently than I have.  I am sure I have missed things out when writing this down but after watching the second programme, like so many other programmes that discuss time I always feel no, no, something is not right about time, it just doesn’t add up.

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