Wednesday, 6 March 2013

We need to end popular party politics

Not sure if I had written about this before, I probably have since it does not seem too unusual a comparison.  Extreme politics is about to rise in Britain, I know it’s not exactly the same as the rise of fascism and communism that we saw at the beginning of the last century, but perhaps it is this centuries version of it.  People are sick and tired of being force-fed crap, bullshit, and all the other political slurry imaginable by the current political parties.  When this starts to occur, the people look for extreme answers to difficult questions.  Political parties like UKIP arise. 

I am not discussing dictatorships, or any kind of despotism in the post, though by some unfortunate happenstance, the fact we have the political system we have encourages that sort of regime.

One thing that is true in life is you can never find a happy balance, I know we all strive to find this, but as far as large collections of humans are concerned, this is currently impossible.  Therefore, we try our best using our current political system or a similar system.  The idea behind this concept is that if we can find the popular middle ground, we will eventually make most of the people happy.  The big problem with popularity politics is sometimes the popular choice is not the right choice, and then the party in power has the difficult choice of weighing up whether to make the tough choice, or the popular one.  If they make the tough choice, the one that is not popular and they get it wrong, it can cause one of two things to occur, a loss of political power and / or, a loss of political face.  Either of these changes can have devastating effects on the country and its international standing.  Unfortunately, we still live in a very immature world, where the countries of the world are like six years olds in a playground.  The overall effect is to make the parties in power sometimes if they are not strong, hesitate from doing what is right over doing what is popular, and then they can do the worst of all, and choose the middle ground between the two. 

Over time, this ineffective policymaking, constantly watering down, creates a blurry nothingness, with many meaningless laws and policies.  Occasionally a strong party will enact a good policy, which they see as a glowing beacon to follow, and it will sway the wishy-washiness one way then the other, like a meandering dirty, muddy, river.  As well as good laws and policies, we also get bad laws and policies.  Of course, because we use the popularity system a bad policy will generally force the parties to change and the other party does exactly the opposite, believing that the opposite must be right because it is the opposite.  The reactive party system starts to grow, instead of a proactive party system we find the political system degenerates into one group of six year olds against another.  They are constantly reacting to the others policies, or laws, or whatever.

After a while, we get a system that is like a cancer in the brain, it has hideous tentacles devouring the brain, slowly killing it.  This cancer covers the world; growing, multiplying, its tentacles are devouring us, killing us slowly.  This makes people want to see change in a big way, an extreme way, because they realise the present system, the one that has caught us in this mess, is not working.  People use scapegoats, which are generally the people most different to them.  That is why the UKIP party has its migration policy. 

Immigration is not the cause of our austerity; it is the popular party politics.  Voting for an extreme party like UKIP will not change the way Britain works.  It will not make energy prices cheaper; it will not decrease immigration, because if UKIP were by some bizarre twist of fate to gain power they would be just as helpless as the other parties would.  The system is wrong; the system needs to change.  Until we change the system, we will always be heading towards ineffective, wishy-washy politics.

The real irony is all of this is that changing the system in itself is extreme, and this is the conundrum facing the world at present, how do we create an effective way to manage society.  What is the best solution so that everyone is satisfied, and all have a chance to develop and flourish in their short time on this wonderful planet?

Popular party politics is not the answer, it has to change, someone has to find the answer, or the vast majority of humans will always live an existence of predominant unhappiness.

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