Friday, 26 April 2013

The World is a Building of Human Catastrophe and Destruction

Perhaps it is just a western problem; perhaps it is not, the world works as an ever-decreasing circle of land, of wealth and opportunity, at least it does for the majority of its population.  Is it just from the perspective of living in Britain, but the western world works to devalue everything, at least everything of meaning, of substance.  I know this is probably obvious, I am sure it is now I think about it; we would not have demonstrations about the one percenters would we.  Which in a way makes it all the worse; we know our fate and still blindly follow.

Why am I writing this I do not know, and I am sure my brain is working overtime on a problem that is impossible to solve.  It must be obvious to everyone that the mechanism will fail eventually.  When everything with meaning is valueless, worth nothing, and I do not mean land prices or superficial nonsense people class as worth, I mean humanity.  I mean when all things worth a true significance are lost, when people have only trash level stimulation as entertainment, without the ability to use their brains effectively.  I mean when they are all slaves to debt and to a worthless job, which gives no gratification, no joy, and no true purpose. 

We are close to the point of no return.

Fear can only contain the masses for so long.  

When the hypnotic lure of worthless, meaningless, crap that people call their lives finally breaks, what will happen then?  In the past the elites, always had plenty to take from the rest of the world.  It has been going on since the dawn of civilisation, but we have reached a point where there will be nothing left to take. 

What happens when they have it all?  When the chosen few have taken everything, stripped the carcass and left only the bare bones, when they have even sucked the marrow leaving only a hollow shell.  The masses will have no choice but to fight back or die, and the less they have, the more they have to gain from biting the master.  That is right we are nothing more than pets, working dogs, told what to do and when to do it.

We are heading down a road to oblivion, it may seem pessimistic to say this but we are.  We are in a terrible mess, locked in a derelict building ready for destruction and at this time, there is no way out.  Fire is burning all around us, red-hot flames scorch the walls, and the heat is rising faster than hell itself.  We are all horded in like animals ready for slaughter, packed in tight, so close we are unable to move, unable to breathe.  It is pitch black, no one can see, yet everyone fears the red glow of the fire.  Most stand there waiting there fate, some struggle to break free, but it is nearly impossible, and it only increases their anxiety, as the heat of flames starts to lightly burn the skin.  Outside we can hear them laughing, the elites, they are all laughing at us, because they think we are stupid.  We are foolish, how could they dupe us so easily.  Without anyone knowing, they have herded everyone, and I mean the whole world, they have pushed everyone into this great building and told us to stay there forever.  Be happy with nothing, and be grateful you are not dead; you owe us your lives and we will take them all, including your soul.  It has taken a long time to get everyone through the doors.  It will take no time for them to close and then for the building to collapse and obliterate everyone.

Yes, it is all doom and gloom again; well what else could one say.  It is a metaphorical paragraph of the world and most of its people, of you and me, of your friends and family.  How long can we stand to be in there?  Will we eventually work as one to smash through the heavy doors, and get out of the catastrophe that is about to befall our world.

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