Thursday, 11 April 2013

The One World

Ah to be set free to dream,
Free from the shackles of doom and misery,
Free to gaze upon a new horizon,
At the dawn of a glorious sun,
See all that is open to you in this world,
Hope it will set you on the right path,
Move towards it and want it to be perfect,
Imagine the splendour it will create,
You are part of the awakening, part of the joy,
We are all beholding to its strength, as well as wisdom,
Perhaps one day it will illuminate the whole world,
Then cast away the shadows of grief,
Banish all hatred and pain,
If you believe it to be so,
Can you ever want for anything less,
When we face the greatest peril,
Then we will all rise up and stand tall,
And by the end it will be a triumphant celebration,
When we are one, together, for the whole world to love. 

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