Sunday, 28 April 2013

Our Infinite Universe

I heard on the news that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has passed another barrier, I do not remember now.  I think they said, because it is not fresh in my mind, but I think they said the only piece of the puzzle that still does not fit is the quantum part.  Small things just do not want to fit in with the whole Space Time, curvature of space, gravity, which Einstein’s theory, theorises.  Wow, that was a mouth full.

I always thought this was a simple thing to explain.  I must just not understand it properly, since I do not have a physics degree.  However, surely the simplest answer uses Einstein’s theory, the concept of relativity especially of light, which he used in his thought process.  Nevertheless, the reason quantum theory does not work with Einstein’s theory is because of the perspective we observe it through.  Yes, I have mentioned this before, but surely, it is that simple.  We are the centre of our universe and we see the world and observe it as is.  Then some clever boffin tries to theorise it mathematically.  Now I wonder if we were the size of the atoms and quarks in question would Einstein’s theory work and how would we perceive the world above.  Would it be as we see our world above?

Perhaps there is no way to connect the large with the small.  Imagine the universe is a slide rule; see the ruler there with the slide set at a specific part of the ruler or in our case the universe.  It has set parameters, they never change, but as we look at the slide rule, we know we can move the slide up and down the ruler.  The parameters of the ruler or universe never change, it is only how we perceive them that changes. 

If we use the slide rule effect with Einstein’s theory, we can theoretically move the slide or our perspective up and down the ruler or the universe.  It seems relatively obvious, if you change where you observe the universe, and I mean the whole perspective the slide rule changes also. 

I was not even going to write about that it just popped in my head.  I was going to write about time, but that has now popped out of my head.  I think I was going to talk about personal time, you must have a time clock, that seems obvious, then there is space-time, and I wondered how they affect each other, is it the same thing because in my view the brain is making all time.  The brain creates our reality through the input from our senses. 

Oh another thought…

Why do atoms make us?  There you go that is a left field question.  Are they slaves, with no other purpose than to bind together in complex ways, to make things like us.

What is the purpose?  I know there is the random effect from evolution, but evolution has been going on since whatever it is we exist in, our wonderful universe, did what it did.  Whether you could call it a beginning, I am not sure.  I do not think the universe began; something we are unaware of did it.  What else unknown to us, through the randomness of evolution, what else is out there beyond what we can observe.  Beyond the big bang, an infinite entity, continuously growing, changing, multiplying, diversifying, mutating, dying, creating, and way beyond our understanding or comprehension.  It is the mystifying blend of an incredible substance or entity.  You could say in all honesty that it is magical.

Waffle over.

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