Monday, 29 April 2013

Painting - The Antithesis - Swirls of Unfinished Chaos

*** Since I have now named this painting I have changed the title***

I painted this because I missed my Four Elements painting.  I did not want to make an exact replica, that would serve no purpose.  I wanted to get the general theme, but change it slightly.  I am not sure I like it, it looks better than this photo suggests.  I do not know why my phone take such crap photos, the old phone that was not as good, took much better pics.  Petty I do not have it anymore. Like all my art it is never finished, always in need of improvement.  That is probably why I love my Four Elements painting so much, it was perfect, I could not make it better, at least in my eyes, and believe me that is a rare thing indeed.  Perhaps if I get a better camera I might like this one more, the camera shows all the faults, they become glaringly obvious, which makes me hate the bloody thing all the more.

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