Tuesday, 29 December 2015

No Creativity just Business

It does seem after a few days of comparing the two that Twitter is better for budding writers like myself than LinkedIn.  LinkedIn in great for business and the sorts of jobs that I hate.  Still I have found lots of friends on here, people I have not spoken to in a long time.  I hope that I am wrong and out of the sea of businessness, I will find some creativity.  However, if I do not find a creative position, it is a good lesson in who does and who doesn't forgive one's digressions and one's illness.  People seem not to realise that being bipolar or any mental illness for that matter does not make them stupid or ignorant.  It is like a mental version of a physical disorder and most people, in fact, more and more people are starting to accept that.  Imagine if you had Spina bifida, which is a terrible birth defect, would you treat someone with that awful illness the way some people treat mental illness.  It is hard when one does not know one's mind when one loses all control.  It's, even more, difficult when people who were your friends once, cannot forgive you for being mentally ill. Some can and I praise them and thank them for some I know I put some through a lot of unnecessary agitation and grief.  Luckily over time, the psychiatrists try lots of different drugs for you to find out which ones make you better. What also makes you better is when you are in control of your life, and no one is forcing you to be ill. They trapped me in that situation; my mind would not let me get well because it was not good if I got well.  Now I can get well; it's a work in progress as all great artwork is, nothing happens over night but I know I will succeed because I am in control now, I decide my future no one else.

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