Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The World is in the Shit

As 2105 ends, a friend of mine mentioned how the world was in a mess and life was shit at present, with all the problems we are facing. Nevertheless, when has life or this world ever not been shit?  It was shit in 1945, yes the year WW2 ended, two nuclear bombs destroyed cities in Japan.  It was shit in the 80's, the miners' strike, cold war; nuclear war terrified me as a child.  We would play stupid games - what would you do when they sound the warning.  100 years ago was pretty shit, we were at war again, this time in trenches, waiting to die, or if one goes forward a couple of years to 1918, yes the end of another World War, but we had the worst flu epidemic ever known, killing millions.
The biggest thing that always strikes me, is when we say humanity, as if this is some greatness bestowed on us, humanity is a joke. Saying we have humanity is like saying you are the devil because the two are linked together like two peas on a pod.  Would humanity allow people to make money off murder and death?

Yes, you've heard it all before, the world is a shit place at the moment, we have the crazy desert dwellers of Iraq and Syria, deliberately acting like psychopathic maniacs in the name of religion.  We have countries like North Korea, many African countries and the worst of all, Saudi Arabia, who think they can treat their citizens in any deranged way they see fit.  Why do we allow Saudi Arabia to murder a man for writing a poem?  Why, simple, because they have all the oil and until we get away from oil this madness will continue.  We allow companies to make billions of dollars selling death, whether it is from weapons sales or cigarettes, and all the other hideous and awful things corporations get up to without our knowledge.  We allow companies to bribe the best and brightest to work for them to make money, instead of using their abilities to help make the world a better place. 

As we live in a capitalist society, it is, or it seems to be socially acceptable to allow people we can save, to die because they are not rich enough to afford medical care.  It is, of course, profitable to keep people sick and ill because, no large pharmaceutical company will make any money off well and happy people. We have political elections where the choice is between one idiot or another, and there is never a credible option.  Popular Party Politics is not the answer the world is looking for in today's society. Our emotions rule our rational, logical intelligence and we ignore this or ignore the evil it causes in the name of profit and capitalism, and then describe it as democracy, instead of looking at ways to improve the system and make it better.  We blindly follow ancient documents and constitutions.  The American Constitution for instance causes millions of deaths through firearms every year, just because it says so in a document written by a newly formed country, terrified of the giant of the time, the British Empire.  Does not mean it should be allowed today.

However good they were for their time; times change. They should show how we are today and not a hundred or even a thousand years ago. We allow lawyers to rule our lives giving power to those who do not deserve it and take it away from those who do. We use an antiquated system of payment in the form of money, which allows the wealthy to control everyone.  How many millions does one person need?  The psychopaths in Iraq and Syria distract the world while the real power men of the world perform their magic tricks.  Misdirection and deceit are all that these desert fools are creating.  Now we are bombing them, we in Britain want to buy more nuclear weapons to keep us safe.  For fucks sake, one British nuke costing billions of dollars will not keep Britain safe. However, that money might save the lives of countless individuals.  We need to find a better way to form a government; we need to move away from Popular Party Politics, and find a more sensible solution. The people who want to be in power are the people that should never be in power.  Unfortunately, Popular Party Politics causes this kind of person to rise to the top, not like cream, as the quotation states, but more like ice - cold and frozen, lacking any feeling or empathy, unable to help anyone but itself, keeping the world cold and in a state of fear.  We live in the cold frozen heartless society today.  Life is shit, but let's be honest it's always been shit.

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