Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Why do we have floods?

They say that global warming is causing more extreme weather that is causing all the awful floods - bollocks.

The reason we are having more floods is because we have more concrete on the ground because we have more and more houses, removing the natural way for rainwater to disperse.  Too many people live in the southern part of Britain, causing the reason we have floods. They build houses in places that thirty years ago, architects, or town planners, housing estate planners would say no way we don't build there; it will cause floods

It's not rocket science you can see it everywhere.  Our city infrastructure is falling apart and trying to fix the problem causes terrible delays.  Where I live, they are widening the A1 near the MetroCentre, now whether it was because it was too expensive or for whatever reason, any idiot with half a brain must have thought, this is going to cause problems in the future.  It is not like they built the MetroCentre fifty years ago, they constructed it in the late  80's, early 90's, so they must have realised the issues.  They must have known there was going to be a bottleneck at this part of the A1 in future.  Eventually, when things got so bad they decided to widen the A1, and the havoc it causes is terrible.  I feel sorry for anyone who has to go passed that part of the A1 on a daily basis. It fills me with dread whenever I have to go to the MetroCentre.  I use back roads and any way possible just to avoid the A1.

Nonetheless, this is an example of the problems we are having with the infrastructure of our road system, our sewage, drainage, anything that stops water running its natural course.

Instead of wasting money of buying nuclear weapons, or bombing psychopaths in a desert that probably kills more innocent people than the bastards we're aiming at, spend the money on bringing our country into the 21st century.

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