Thursday, 31 March 2011

Solfeggio Frequencies, God, and our Evolutionary Perspective of Reality

I am intrigued by the imagination of the human mind, for some years now I have listened to Binaural Beats; when you find it difficult sleep, you are willing to try anything to get some, and I was told that Binaural Beats might help. Last night a friend sent me a visual version of binaural beats called Solfeggio Frequencies, where you looked at the spinning pattern and hummed at the same tone as the one being created. I found this quite enlightening at the time, the tones created by me and the video formed a resonating tone which I could feel through my body.

Finding this rather intriguing, I looked on YouTube to see the other tones from this Solfeggio Frequency, I found there are six, and supposedly the tones are a form of chanting from ancient times that has somehow been lost. But this is not the reason I am writing, it is just how I found what I want to write about, and my perception of it.

Whilst looking at the Solfeggio frequencies I noticed another video which said test yourself, well I like things like that, if something says test yourself, I’m a sucker for trying it. Unfortunately it was not a test, it was another self promoting video talking about the wonder of creation, and the way things are made up in certain symmetry, like the golden ratio and circles, dimensions, and then they spoilt it by saying it was god. Though this god seemed more of a spiritual god than the omnipresent, ubiquitous, omnipotent god religions talk about.

Now this god, to their credit did not seem like the god discussed in the bible even though they did reference the bible. But this is not what I found amazing, what I think is incredibly strange is the way, people need to put a humanistic type person, a figurehead, as the one who created everything. Why? Why do some people feel this urge to do that? I don’t need to do that, I can think of all the sequences they accredited to god to other phenomena.

It seems that the beauty, the complexity and also simplicity of existence, has to be done by an almighty power. It’s not the case, it is the simple fact as I have said many times before, though not recently, and it is all to do with the perspective of the observer. It has to do with the concept and idea that everything and I mean everything, finds the best and easiest way to exist in its environment, and will always fall to the lowest and easiest common denominator. The patterns and golden ratios, triangles, circles, and every other form of simplicity, are not gods work, they are the work of the evolutionary perspective of the observer. You yourself witness the world, the galaxy, the Universe, plants, animals, stars, clouds in the sky, uniquely. You perceive the patterns, and because of self awareness, you then interpret them in a way unique to humans.

The underlying patterns are the building blocks of our reality, and how we perceive our existence in that reality. The strange thing is that this does not mean that the same rules will apply for everything in existence. It just applies to us in our reality of existence. You see what you want to see, and because of this you are unique.

Maybe it is that I am slightly different in my outlook to many others, to make it seem so obvious to me, and that everything is just a tiny dot, a sprinkling of nearly nothing in comparison to the whole. And even if the perceived entity, some like to call god in whatever format they imagine him, does exist, he will be only a tiny insignificant part of the whole as we are. As Einstein said it is all relative, everything is relative to where and how you observe and perceive.

Everything is a tiny part of something else. Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons are a tiny part of an Atom. One Atom is a tiny part of a cell. One cell is a tiny part of a human. One human is a tiny part of the Earth. The Earth is a tiny part of the Solar System. The Solar System is a tiny part of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is a tiny part of the Universe, and so on and so forth. Just because our Perspective Parameters cannot see or imagine further than this, does make it likely that the Universe is the limit or for that matter quarks and quantum sub-atomic particles are the limits.

Try to think of it this way, we know how our eyes work, they see light, and through binocular vision and colour we can create a three dimensional world. Yet we also know that many animals do not see the world like this, bats are blind visually and can only see through sound and sonic vibration. It’s still there form of sight though.

The problem with humans is the fact we are self aware, and at present believe we are the only entities in existence that are self aware. We can only create a Universe around this one unique perspective and it ignores every other perspective, or dilutes its importance. We have to realise and see that most of everything is beyond our perspective, beyond our comprehension and likely to be beyond understanding, and incredibly overwhelming. It is hard to imagine this when you are human, but it is true, it is a fact, we are just a slice of a quark in the vastness of the Infinitiverse.

Remember as we learn more our Perspective Parameters grow, and they will grow past god, and past what we perceive as the Universe, and what we perceive as life, and reality and existence. As our perspective increases, things that were hard to comprehend will eventually become simple, and we will understand more. This is constantly happening and will happen forever.


  1. Very insightful article!:) I agree with you that we are only microscopic part of something bigger. And that bigger "higher" form is not an end. It's just one step more, but the stairs are infinite :)


  2. Thanks I'm pleased someone agrees with me :-)