Saturday, 13 August 2011

Force Fields and Free Energy

Ah it’s always good when the old mind starts ticking over again thinking of crazy concepts and ideas, which may or may not be possible, but are fun to comprehend. Well I have thought of a couple involving force fields and free energy.

It all starts with the atmosphere, and all the other sphere’s we have above it, troposphere and the like; when the shuttle or the old fashioned survival capsule re-entered earth’s atmosphere. As we all know it creates heat as the object leaves the vacuum of space and enters the gaseous part of our planet. I am sure it is not possible at the moment, but in the future there might be away of harnessing this change, this simple act of moving from a vacuum to a gas. Then again maybe we already use it and I am not aware but it seems a probable way of creating energy, if we could find a cheap way of harnessing it. Also the atmosphere itself can generate billions of watts of electricity as seen in thunder and lightning, surely over time someone will figure out a metal or alloy compound which can create and generate the energy required until we figure out Nuclear Fusion.

Anyway it was just a thought.

Force Fields are something we see in sci-fi movies, highlighted in films like Star Wars and Star Trek, its seems like an impossible task to create such a field. Here is where we need to take a leaf out of nature and the natural way of the world. We have too invisible force fields surrounding us doing various excellent shielding jobs, one being the atmosphere, and the other being the electromagnetic field, both keeping life alive on planet Earth.

Over time you would like to think that some bright spark will find a way to harness the power of electromagnetism to create a shield that can deflect harmful objects from hitting say a space ship going to Mars. It seems probable that this could happen; at least it does to me.

I am not sure why these ideas popped in my head but I always find it fascinating thinking of such stuff, even if it is a flight of fancy and likely just my vivid imagination working overtime.

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