Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A view from the inside looking out

There once was a time,

The misbegotten did chime,

The Devil did rise,

Before the innocent realised,

He was foul,

He was cruel,

He was cunning,

Greedy men did he fool,

Out of extreme incredulity,

Forced the world into slavery,

Resistance diminished,

Humanity was finished,

Nothing left but faceless drones,

No imagination only clones,

Subjugated, dominated,

Altruism obliterated,

The wise and clever castigated,

The dumb and the stupid obfuscated,

The wicked and evil celebrated,

Rejoicing the hellish world they had created,

Lobotomised automatons,

Walk the planet unaware,

They are slaves to this disease,

Can someone help them, please?

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