Sunday, 28 August 2011


How do you solve the conundrum of man?

As complex as an infinite maze,

An emotional bag of lost confusion,

Driven by desires,

He can constantly improve,

Surrounded by insecurities,

He can cause devastation,

For good or bad,

Happy or sad,

Sane or mad,

He lives the unknown quest,

Some seek out its purpose,

Others exploit its weakness,

He is the anomaly,

The exception to the rule,

He strives for happiness and peace,

Yet causes so much destruction,

He wants a brighter future,

Yet creates a hellish nightmare,

He is either black or white,

He is left or he is right,

Blinded without true sight,

Can we unfurl?

The confusing swirl,

Or is it too late,

He's walked through the gate,

The experiment has failed,

Our Universe cries out in pain,

Will there ever be another chance to shine again.

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