Friday, 19 August 2011

Is 2012 a self fulfilling prophecy?

This is not what I was going to write about, but in thinking about what I wanted to write about, it became apparent that there are definite similarities.

Originally I was going to be quite sarcastic by suggesting that anyone who suffers from depression should avoid watching the news at all costs, as they may feel the need to blow their heads off. Then again if you are a real depressive you will just shrug your shoulders and say I told you so.

I watched a fascinating though very scary documentary called “Countdown to Zero”, about the myriad of ways we can use our massive collection of Nuclear Bombs, to destroy the world forever.

They showed how easy it is get to highly enriched Uranium, or HEU, and the fact that blind luck, has somehow stopped this valuable element from ending up in the hands of terrorists, or despotic governments, or worst still mad men. They then said they could be bought and that many countries had tried to buy Nuclear Weapons illegally. Finally it was the good old by accident; supposedly the US has hundreds of war heads on hair-trigger readiness, to be launched in sixty seconds. One minute for all hell to break loose, and the guy being interviewed and ex lieutenant who was the guy whose job it was, to turn the key in the silo that launched the nukes. He said that you didn’t need to be a General to launch the ICBM’s, you just needed to change the coded letters to all zeros and way hay, let’s destroy the world today.

It ended by telling the alarming statistics of devastation and carnage, when one of these despicable devices goes off inside a city. The devastation is total; it obliterates everything within eleven miles or so, by heat, wind and fire.

They say countries like North Korea and Pakistan have Nuclear Weapons, and that Iran wants them also. Their president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responds to the west’s plea for Iran to not go nuclear, his response is very clever and an argument closer. He said, “If it is good then we must have it, and if it is bad then why do you have it?”

After watching this and the depressing Newsnight, I had beforehand, seen a doc about the Riots in Britain, that was equally depressing, seeing the way some people behave today. The lack of education, the growing underlying distrust of society, the resentment, the animosity, the loss of respect for authority, it all seemed as if no one cared anymore, they were sick to death of being degraded, and forgotten, left to rot in a shit hole, shit existence, nothing but misery to look forward to. That is what I thought caused the once innocent people, to turn into mindless, thoughtless, selfish, violent thugs. If you take away humanity all you have left is an intelligent, selfish, greedy, violent animal, unlike any other animal on this planet. And we in the west are breeding them like rabbits, through poor education and capitalistic consumerism, based on exponential growth and profit. The difference between the have and the have-nots is becoming like it was between the wars.

What sort people are we the human race, that we find it acceptable to let someone die because it will cost too much to save his/her life or because they have not paid into some insurance scheme? Why should society think it is appropriate to base an economy around growth and rising house prices, and the market fluctuation, so that it is better to allow people to be sick and ill, because it makes more profit? It is better to not make our schools the best, unless you have the money to pay for the privilege, why should some get this privilege and the rest do not?

What sort of world have we created where most of its inhabitants are allowed to live in poverty, misery, without basic essentials, because it is more profitable for large corporations to keep them that way, or tyrannical governments to steal the valuable resources for its own gain and not its people’s.

It’s like the football fan that backs the rival team to beat his own team so he can win a bet.

This is what causes dreadful situations like the recent riots to occur, add into that our wonderful media and we all know after the recent findings about News International and the hacking scandal, what a bunch of two faced charlatans most of them are. They increase tension by their extreme ideologies which are deliberately created to increase sales and sell more advertising space, so more of their rich friends can sell more mobile phones, holidays, cars, TV’s, you name it. Worst culprits are the tabloids, and as we know from recent history, stupid deluded nations, shut off from reality, will believe anything they are told. But what are more dangerous are stupid deluded nations, which have internet access, who believe what they read, (I slightly fall into this category I suppose at least on some things, but I try to keep an open mind).

It doesn’t help that all these factors are happening at once and so my thought that we are in some way subconsciously creating a 2012 scenario, creating a self fulfilling prophecy, does not seem so bizarre, or farfetched.

What would have happened if those rioters had been lead by someone with intelligence and charisma, we could have created another Hitler, ready to incite and inflame hatred and disharmony? It doesn’t bare thinking about, but it could have happened, and the policies of our country and many others over the last 15 – 20 years at least, maybe up to 50 years could end up bringing us to an ‘Armageddon situation’, which some lunatics actually want to see happen. And through the force that runs through every human binding us in ways we cannot understand, we are slowly bringing the world closer to destruction. Negativity is all over, covering the planet, like super thick continental quilt, suffocating everything turning it to shit.

As I have said before it is hard to know how to stop it now, it seems like we are in a ‘James Bond situation’ at present, waiting to see if we can survive this latest catastrophe, will we cut the red wire with only seconds to spare. We may do it this time but, can we keep doing it? I sadly feel if things don’t change very soon, we will eventually cut the wrong wire, which we won’t survive.

The most poignant part of the ‘Countdown to Zero’ doc was when Robert Oppenheimer tears in his eyes, said his immortal line, which he quotes from Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita.

"I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds".

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