Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The future is never clear

The pain that never leaves you,

The traumas of the past,

The guilt for just existing,

Forgiveness will it last,

Suffering for something,

Out of your control,

Blameless to a fault,

But the nightmares take their toll,

How could it all be true?

How could they be so cruel?

Disjointed, dysfunctional,

Unaware of the harm they cause,

Unrepentant, unapologetic,

Undeserving of one’s trust,

Diminished responsibly,

No one cared, no one fussed,

Forgotten and lost forever,

Like a candle lost in darkness,

There is nothing left to fear,

All that pain you can now harness,

Will you shed another tear?

Maybe yes, maybe no,

So everything is still uncertain,

And the future, well who knows.

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