Thursday, 16 February 2012

Did Aliens help the Ancients?

I watched an episode of Ancient Aliens yesterday and it was what I would call, the good, the bad, and the ugly of cable TV’s documentaries. The premise of the show is to try and prove or at least give evidence to the theory that the ancients had help from an extraterrestrial power. At one time I would believe all this type of stuff but now older and more clued up on science, I admit to being a little sceptical.

Some of the findings on the show are fascinating but others leave a lot to be desired. They make extravagant claims from people who are just authors of their own theories and use them as some kind of likely facts. Which is a bit like taking my wild ideas and concepts and saying they must be true. Maybe they are right especially as far as the buildings and structures, some of the things the ancients built beggars belief. One place I always found fascinating was Tiahuanaco, and now you can add to that Puma Punku, how ancient civilisations built the strange buildings there is unfathomable, as well as the sheer size and may be with the help of aliens, who knows it is just as plausible as any other argument.

Saying that there are other things they then discuss like Moses and his trek through the Sinai Desert, there is no evidence of or any historical reference to a person called Moses in Egyptian texts.

They also use as evidence of extra terrestrial beings coming to Earth, small golden trinkets that look like fighter jets if you use your imagination, you could also say they look like a cloak, it’s all about interpretation.

Some of the supposed evidence I did not perceive as evidence, like a wooden bird with an unusual wing; you can make anything seem like something else if you want it badly enough.

The points that make me sceptical about aliens or extraterrestrials are these:

If they did come, where are they now and why don’t they come on a regular basis and interact with us? I know some would argue they do, but that is not the same way as is supposedly shown in the past.

Let’s pretend they did come why is the evidence is so vague, and look so old fashioned? Surely a species capable of interstellar travel would have to have special alloys, polymers, plastics, or even a version of steel. Since we know plastic is not biodegradable, where is all this type of plastic and if they found a biodegradable plastic how would it survive a long journey through space?

Language – if an advance species arrived they would also have an advanced language, not Sanskrit or Hieroglyphics.

Of course my questions can be used in the same way the supposed evidence from the program is used, but these are questions I ask myself as I watched.

My brother always shouts on about Occam's Razor – the simplest answer is normally the correct answer, and the simplest answer is to say that ancient civilisations found away to build incredible structures and imagine unusual objects because they knew no better. Just because it is illogical today to create a block that weights over 100 tonnes and try to move it, does not mean that the ancients thought the same way. Some blocks were amazingly over 1200 tonnes which just seems inconceivable and would make you wonder how they moved these blocks.

Some of the precision is incredible but this does not make iron clad evidence that it must be because the ancients had help from a higher power. Maybe other programs in the series will give better evidence but after one program I am still sceptical.

The problem with interpreting the past is it is all speculation, no one knows what happened, but one thing is for sure, humans have vivid imaginations, and are capable of amazing feats, that is what makes us so special.

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