Thursday, 2 February 2012

Priusa Energy - Energy before the Big Bang

Reading back my god particle post, I think I may have thought of something I have missed or neglected - energy. Does energy fall into the category of part of something larger and made up of parts smaller. To be honest this is a difficult question to answer especially when we aren’t really sure what a true definition of energy might be. We have an Earth based answer about energy, based on the matter we see on Earth, in our solar system, and the small part of the Universe we can see namely stars, galaxies, but what is the rest?

I can think of many ways I could describe energy in a metaphorical sense, but this doesn’t explain energy transference or how energy and matter can change from one to the other. Energy seems to be the reaction of objects and as the reaction changes the object, so the energy seems to change. This is from a universal perspective not an Earth based one. Clearly there are differences even if scientists say there isn’t, because if they were the same then we would be able to explain black holes, and all the unknown things we call ‘Dark’.

Can you take this concept back before the supposed big bang? Energy being the reaction that created the big bang, could the object before the big bang have just been for want of a better word vaporised, or obliterated to such an extent the only energy survived whatever happened.

Sorry I know this sounds incredibly vague, and I know I have many other assumptions about what was before the big bang. Since we cannot comprehend at present what was here before the big bang, in a weird way it could actually be anything. I know this sounds bizarre but it could be a big ice cream for all we know or it could be for want of a better expression what some perceive as God. Or we could just create another ambiguous name for it like we have for Dark Energy, Dark Flow and Dark Matter. The best word to use has been ruined by bloody Toyota for they stupid hybrid car, but the best wording for the energy before the big bang would be Prius Energy, but let’s not use that exact word and call it Priusa Energy, the energy before the big bang.

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