Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Emperor’s New Clothes, sorry the Artist wins at the BAFTAS

To be honest I quite enjoyed tonight’s awards it was succinct, quite funny, Stephen Fry presented it (he’s much better than Jonathan Ross). Martin Scorsese was awarded the top honour, as well as John Hurt so overall it was good. Then they gave out the awards.

Sorry I know I have said I love and hate films well the Artist is the latter, and is not my cup of tea, a black & white silent movie just doesn’t set the world alight and I found it quite boring. It seems like the latest in a long line of films that are like the Emperor’s New Clothes; how a silent movie can win best screenplay seems a little absurd, especially when it was up against Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. I agree that Jean Dujardin was excellent in the role as the silent star losing his sparkle, and the dog was good also, but I just have never been fond of silent films apart from Harold Lloyd. So when the Artist won best director over Scorsese’s Hugo, then won best film it seems as though the luvvies had gotten away with giving a film that no one will remember in ten years time a major film award.

I thought Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy would have won more than it did, though this year there was less beating the British drum than there was last year. It didn’t surprise me that Meryl Streep won best actress; I thought she was excellent as the Iron Lady in a not so excellent film. There was definitely a more diverse cosmopolitan feel about this year’s ceremony. I was pleased Drive got nominated for best film surprised that Midnight in Paris or Hugo weren’t nominated. Shocked Brad Pit was nominated when Joseph Gordon-Levitt wasn’t, he was brilliant in 50/50.

Overall it was an enjoyable show, now I fully expect the Emperor’s New Clothes to go on and win a few Oscars as well.

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