Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Friend

Do be good my friend and savour life in all its glory. Realise your potential and surge forward blessing the world with all your gifts.

Do be happy my friend, love and feel peace every day. Cherish each passing moment and hope and pray others will be happy too.

Do be fair my friend, make sure you give as much as you take. Accept with enthusiastic applause the need for everyone to be equal.

Do be honest my friend, and hope your truth will be heard be many more. Understand and forgive those who are unable to fathom such thoughts.

Do be kind my friend, for kindness is a blessing. Encourage others to show such consideration and empathise with their position.

Do be you my friend; never try to be someone else. Remember what is important, hold true to yourself and you will always feel adoration in your heart and soul.

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