Thursday, 2 February 2012

Alarmists, Exaggerators and Liars

The problem when you exaggerate or lie about an issue that affects the whole world is when you are found out, and unfortunately the likely scenario is totally reversed. We swing from one extreme to the other, and now I can see this happening with Global Warming and renewable energy.

Now because of this alarmist behaviour, any good gained from the whole climate change debacle will be lost and I would think quite quickly. And although I never believed man-made CO2 was causing the planet to heat up, the methodology of trying to get us to reduce pollution and find cleaner ways to create energy were right.

As I have said before maybe if the greedy selfish people who thought, I can make a name for myself and a fast buck or two, had been a little less alarmist and didn’t lie and exaggerate, we could have started slowly on finding newer ways of creating energy. We could have spent the money on figuring out Nuclear Fusion, the only true answer to our energy problems.

Now though, with new data ironically from the people who first caused all this alarm, East Anglia's Climate Research Centre, stating the world has not significantly warmed in the last 15 years. Governments around the world will change their stance and all the money wasted because of a loony concept which was so obviously flawed will be forgotten, and in a way we will go backwards once more.

Think of all the wasted money and what could have been done with it. Think of the financial mess we are in and how this money could have at least kept energy prices down, and invested in more long term goals than just as a way to buy votes.

In a strange way I find it quite sad. It is a terrible problem the blinds humanity, this extremist behaviour, this desire to be right even when the obvious answer is totally different and you are wrong.

The problem these days is the world is now beating as one heart beat, not many smaller heart beats, and when it fails, the affects are felt all around the world not just a small part. And the more technologically advanced we become, the more extremist, alarmist, behaviour will speed up our doom.

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