Friday, 29 March 2013

Britain’s Guilt

I read this morning that over 250,000 people in Britain have died from the cold since 2003.  The story was in connection to the constant rising costs of energy prices.  It made me wonder, is Britain paying the price in lives for its 300 year empire.  Do we or should I say does the government and Whitehall still believe we have to save the world.  Does Britain feel guilty?

You know what Britain reminds me of, one of those idiotic family men they sometimes show in TV dramas.  They used to have a great job or own a large company; they have a wife, two kids, two cars, and a dog.  Then they lose everything, generally we enter the story at this point the guy is pretending to go to his job, taking the kids to school.  He then has a heart attack, goes crazy, or just sits on a park bench.  He might even just continue to go back and forth deceiving his family for a while.  His wife and kids love spending money as if it’s going out of fashion, and he dutifully smiles and continues to pay, he maxes out his credit cards, takes out loans sometimes from nasty loan sharks.  The family still go on holidays, and he just pretends as if nothing has changed.

However, everything has changed, he has lost his company, he has re-mortgaged his home, he has no savings left, and has debt through the roof.  Then finally, like a house of cards, it all collapses, and his lies and self-deception become apparent. 

Britain is like that; the once rich bloke that has lost everything, but is still trying to keep up appearances, still trying to be something it is not anymore.

We need to wake up and realise we are not a major player in the world, we cannot afford to be, we are too small, too insignificant.  If we continue to try to be this great protector, it will destroy us.  We are just a small island off the coast of France.  We had our time in the sun and now the sun has set.  If we do not realise this soon, well, we all know what happens to the guy in these types of dramas.

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