Thursday, 14 March 2013

Crazies run the world

It is apparent to me the most insane humans run the world.  They are the ones who want power and wealth, because they are not satisfied with normal life.  They blindly follow their own agenda, not really caring a hoot about anything or anyone.  They want to dominate, they want to rule and they find whatever position of power is going to give them the most satisfaction.  They enjoy being in control, they don’t care if what they are doing is good or bad, as long as they are getting a buzz from doing it.  As long as it fills their needs and desires, but it never does unfortunately, and they will continue to destroy us until someone with a greater power agenda destroys them.  Then the greater power pulls the blind sheep, the mob, in their direction.  As Shakespeare describes in Julius Caesar, he who controls the mob controls Rome.

These people see the world as a game, as their own private playground, they give the impression they are for the people, but under the skin, deep down, they do not give a damn.  Some do great things and we never forget them, they become immortal.  However, they are no different to the scoundrels; it just happened that their obsession was good or great.  Others are pure evil and cause a massive amount of damage and they become infamous.  Then there is the rest, they are not great or evil they are just self-absorbed only interested in what they like and what they want.  They are the petty inbetweeners, not good enough to be great, not bad enough to be evil.  They are more like an annoying itch on your back that you cannot reach to scratch.  However, the itch is actually a small spot, which can grow into a boil, it is harmless but it is there and it can become painful and full of poisonous puss.

Sometimes this puss-filled sore does not go away, and for whatever reason it grows and grows, its starts to debilitate you and it may if not treated become a cancer.  I know this is becoming very metaphorical, but imagine the world is your body.  Unfortunately, we are full of cancers, they are infecting every part of our insides, and they have control of our brain so we cannot function properly.  They have infected our heart so we find it difficult to keep our body alive; they have infected our lungs so we cannot breathe properly.  The rest of our main organs are on deaths door, if true, the doctor would give us less than a day to live.

We live on an anatomy of disaster, with the worst type of human running it and controlling it.  The worst type of human to run the world and I mean all the major governing powers, not just governments.  The worst type of human is the one that wants control, wants power and is not interested in anyone else; they are only interested in their selfish concerns, come what may they would be happy to see death and destruction, as long as in the end they got what they wanted.

Crazies run the world, and we are all screwed.

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