Monday, 25 March 2013

What lives inside the empty space?

Brain-dump time. 

What is beyond what we can see?  What is beyond reality?  What if by some miracle, we could see the structure of the universe?  Similar to Neo in the Matrix, when he suddenly sees the matrix, the structure, and the foundations of the false reality.  We only see an illusion created by our brains, we do not see the world as it is; we see it, as we want to see it.  For absolute definite, reality is not as we imagine it to be, it has to be different beneath the surface.  How do we tear away the wallpaper and peek inside.

I know this is probably very sad and I cannot believe I am printing this, but I sometimes sit and concentrate very hard and try to break down reality into its component parts.  I do not know what the component parts are, and I have never actually managed to break it down, perhaps I need to try harder.  However, sometimes I just want to know so badly, I yearn to know, it just seems the most important question to answer.  Perhaps it is similar to meditation, perhaps when people meditate they are breaking down the barriers between the world we see, the illusion, and the world which is definitely there, beyond reality.  

Whatever it might be.

How do you break down the barrier?

How do you go into the bricks and mortar, the foundations, smash the plaster, the paint, and see inside reality.  Inside the universe, what might we see?  The fact that our illusion is mostly empty space makes me wonder what lives inside the emptiness.  Is our illusion a fact or a fantasy?  Are our equations and theories, just methodology useful in our type of reality? 

Perhaps, I don’t know.  Brain-dump over.

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