Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Devils Wish

I can't sleep so I have written this creepy poem, its based on the Devil after watching the film the Devil last week. I really liked it but then I love simple films with simple settings and plots, like 12 Angry Men, and Phone Booth, which are two other examples.  12 Angry Men one of the greatest films ever made, but it is so simple, just set in one room, with a long table, no air conditioning, boiling hot day, and 12 Angry Men.  I am digressing again.  Anyway here is the creepy poem I will call the Devils Wish.

When the Devil wants what’s inside that door,

Don’t reside on the other side,

When he slammin’ and beaten, and hurling abuse,

Just remember you got pride,

Don’t ever resist or play his games,

It’ll only end in your demise,

Keep your head down man,

Just as far as you can,

For he may have a plan,

And in the blink of an eye,

You’re trapped in a web like a fly,

Tormented and tortured before you die,

Your chance came by then it was gone,

Time to atone for all your wrongs,

Or live in constant pain for evermore,

And never knowing what’s next in store.

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