Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Natalie Portman – One of the greatest performances ever

As I updated in my fav films of the year post, I watched Black Swan today, what an amazing film.  In my opinion, Natalie’s performance was one of the greatest ever.  How effortlessly she makes us feel we are living her life, and feeling her pains, and emotions, it is an incredible performance of acting skill.  She looks so innocent, and elf like, but underneath is a surging, mentally ill, behemoth.  To play a role of such beauty and grace, full of majestic delight, it was a joy to watch and I definitely want to see it more.  Natalie was always a stunningly beautiful actress, but with this she moves to another realm in acting.  If she does not win every acting award for a female lead from every major awarder, then something is wrong with the world.

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