Friday, 3 December 2010


All this snow must really be starting to annoy anyone who has to travel as part of their job, last night there were massive traffic jams along the main roads near where I live still after 10:00 – 10:30. This morning it looks whiter than ever, I found a cool image from space of the snow over Europe, it looked amazing from space and the one below is of Britain. Supposedly it is not going to snow today, let’s wait and see.

I have just reread my ‘Big Bang’ rant from last night, maybe I overreacted with it, but it does piss me off when supposed science shows, especially ones aimed at children (which I presume that one must have been) claim exacts.  When you watch the brilliant documentary series ‘The Universe’ or ‘How the Universe Works’ they say it is the likely chain of events, they make the distinction, and tell the audience it is not a proven fact. If you read any books or watch any lectures on the subject, they always tell you it is only a description or a model of likely events, not proof. And it is this disturbing dumbing down of facts, of telling kids this is definite, I find most alarming. We have to fight extremist views on what is science and what is not in this day and age. We should not make their incredulous arguments easier by creating programmes that state ideas that are not proven and sell them as so.  In the vain hope that if you dumb it down to such a level, make it so easy and simple that people may want to watch it and enjoy it. The really disappointing thing, this documentary was on the BBC and looked like it was created by the BBC. They do this quite often these days, the BBC is supposed to be a leading light as far as documentaries and science, but they sometimes make some big faux pas in judgement when creating their science programming.

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