Friday, 17 December 2010

The True Heroes of the World

If ever you feel low and depressed unable to pull yourself out of the doldrums, then there is one thing that will definitely help you to put your situation into perspective, to put how you are feeling, and with a loud crash force it into context. I have not felt great these last few days, various silly things that have gotten the better of me; I have felt low, and full of anxiety.

Tonight I watched a celebration of military heroes from my country Britain. After watching how incredibly brave, these true heroes of the world have been, the ones that gave their lives, risk their lives, or save lives, and sacrifice themselves so we can live in peace and safety; it warms the heart that such people exist, it makes me feel better. It brings my pitiful situation glaringly into perspective; there are many men and women around the world in the service of many military forces, helping to save lives and end tyranny. I really wish they did not have to risk their lives, trying to rid the world of so many depots, evil lunatics, tyrannical leaders and groups, but I am relieved to say that there are so many of these true heroes blessing us every day.

I will end by saying it would be good to see a day when we don’t need to have so many heroes, but I don’t see that day coming soon unfortunately. At least we honour them, maybe we don’t honour them enough. They deserve so much more.

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