Monday, 30 January 2012

Global Cooling or Global Warming; make up your minds

We humans are a fickle bunch, we love to swing from one extreme to the other, I thought I was bad with my bloody emotions, but it seems to affect most people especially journalists. Now I read that this new cycle of the Sun, Cycle 25 it’s called, is going to cause another mini ice age. Temperatures as low as they were in the 17th Century will be recorded, and the Thames might freeze over once more.

So we have had the global warming alarmists, now we are starting to get an equal amount of global cooling alarmists. Maybe just maybe the world is able to control its mean temperature to within certain limits, and all we are seeing is a balancing of what has been a period of warmth since the mini ice age over 300 years ago.

Maybe something we don’t understand is at work, but we cannot let something we don’t understand get in the way of a good story can we. We cannot let the fact we have no clue what is going on, get in the way of government grants and making money. We cannot let speculation, hysteria, and superstition get in the way of our five minutes of fame either.

I can imagine there are many factors at work causing the peaks and troughs of world climate, and maybe it is about time we worried about things we know for sure; like diminishing rainforests, the purging of our oceans of fish, lack of proper health care in most countries of the world. Maybe we should look at trying to rid the world of poverty, discrimination, crime, and despotism. Maybe we should start helping people, saving animals, reducing fear, and the extremist fundamentalist actions of some.

Maybe it would be better to save all that money we spend every year on this pointless merry-go-round called climate change, and spend it on making sure children get a proper education. Reducing the world’s reliance on finite resources, trying to achieve nuclear fusion, getting rid of nuclear weapons, oh I am on a roll now.

Surely there are more pressing matters to spend the trillions of dollars going on climate change. We need to clean up our act on far more issues before we have to worry about whether it’s going to be too hot or too cold.

Stop being selfish towards your own gain, and realise that all you are doing is harming society and the world in general. It serves no purpose in the long term, you may feel some kind of satisfaction that you made your point, but the damage you have created by your folly will last long after you are gone. And this applies to every selfish bastard who has the power to influence the people of the world, think of us before yourself.

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