Monday, 25 June 2012

England lose to Italy

In what can only be described as one of the worst performances I have ever seen from an England team, they lost on penalties after a ‘backs to the wall’ 120 minutes of goalless ineptitude.  To say England were embarrassingly bad, would be an understatement.  To try and play Italy at their own game, effectively trying to do an Italy to Italy was a poor tactic to consider against them.  England weren’t just bad they were awful and only the fact Italy don’t have an affective attack force stopped them from beating England by at least three goals. 

They did us a favour in reality, now we cannot be totally humiliated by the German’s in the semis, because with their potent attacking strengths they would have annihilated England.  Italy made us look at the level of Albania or the Faroe Islands.  Every England player looked inferior to their Italian counterparts, and our supposed great superstars failed England again.

There was no misfortune to hide England’s shame this time, as they played like scared rabbits unable to function as they stood terrified at the approaching Italian headlights.  How Italy never scored was incredible, they had so many more shots, passes and possession than England.  The commentator mentioned that England’s pass back to the Italian goal keeper after a dead ball was their best shot at goal all half.  Italy camped inside England’s half like an occupying army for all of the second half and extra time.  It is soul destroying to think that if we had played Spain or Germany playing like we did on Sunday, who knows how high the score would have been.

Luckily this time, the delusion of an England team that may spring a surprise and actually win the whole thing (what a ridiculous joke) only lasted a few days.  There was no expectation of this England team, than to try their best.  In the end even though it was a surprise we made it through to the quarterfinals, the way we went out, we way we just sat back and played without any true English/British spirit or fight is what makes this loss so embarrassing and disappointing.  

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