Saturday, 23 June 2012

The German Financial Empire

As we near an imminent catastrophic financial meltdown in Europe, who will be the winner and losers, at this time the biggest winner looks likely to be Germany.  Whereas German armies swept through Europe in the Second World War, this time they will bailout the debt ridden nations of the Mediterranean; Greece, Italy, and Spain.  Taking control in all but name, in a new form of conquest, the financial conquest of Europe.

Whether this happens in the near future is still undecided, but it is evidently clear now that the fate of Europe and maybe the world will change significantly in the next few years.  Instead of sovereign states with governments, their own financial sectors, controlling their own wealth, we may see the new age super powers, financial Empires, controlling many nations through their power and wealth.

What happens to the debt ridden, collapsing nations after the power houses have taken all their wealth?  Will they become like the conquered nations of old and second class in their own country, or will they disappear into a limbo not to dissimilar to a third world country?

Maybe this is a pessimistic view of the state of the world, but at this moment there is nothing positive or optimistic for most of the world’s nations to look forward to.

Who will be left standing when it finally ends? One thing is for sure they will be the new super powers of the world.

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