Thursday, 21 June 2012

Human nature and how to free it from the shackles of diabolical parenting to create a better, equal world

Parents are thought to be necessary for the continued growth of a child, and in the past it was a necessity.  Yet in this day and age it seems alarmingly clear that parents and their selfish interests, their inward concealed desires for the child can and generally does hold a child back from his/her true potential.  At the other end of the scale there are the parents who neglect and through civil abandonment of their offspring, leaving them with no clear understanding of right from wrong leading them down divisive paths.  They also instil traditions and untruths that can create hidden evil malcontent.  Very few parents have the experience or the knowledge to bring up their children to understand how to make a better world.  This instinctive desire brought down from the blood of their ancestors creates a warped world which in turn warps the child into similar thoughts.  As long as parents and the present schooling system are allowed to enslave children into a form of obedience and control, we will always be a fractured world; a world of greed, pestilence, war, and xenophobic hatred of peaceful change.

It is without question a problem that should have disappeared by now, yet it seems to be growing ever wider, we have not learned the lessons of the past; we have not gained any new knowledge on how to treat the world fairly, safely, without poverty, misery and above all equality.  We are the damned; we have been as a species, vile in cruelty and malice.  Yet we have the ability to change and a few shining lights show the way, but do they help or do they actually make the matter worse.

The easiest way to challenge the nationalistic order, the pride of a nation, and the wellbeing of the few over the many is to change how we live our adolescent lives.  The years when our brains are most malleable, and can easily learn the traditions and customs of others, as well as our own.  Children should spend most of their years between 8 -20 travelling the world being taught other languages other customs, and how other people live.  Similarly children from other countries should come to Britain to learn our ways.  This is a massive task, and one that surely at this time would seem impossible, but it seems to me that the only way to change the world we live in is for our children and our children’s children to all merge together to help create a better world.

The first thing to happen is to start small, from the ashes of the failed Euro and European Union, France and Germany the two strongest powers should ally with Britain, once the most hated enemies will need to change their xenophobia; which in itself is no small task (I use these three countries as a example since the bloodshed and carnage between them has been great.  It could apply equally to other countries around the world).  If it were possible then they would have to with great difficulty and definitely massive opposition, form an international government, and begin the exchange of children to learn each other’s differences.  Each child would learn all languages naturally from an early age they would learn the carnage and bloodshed of the centuries past. They would not here stories of war and conflict as some kind of hero worship, the barbarism of the past will be shown in its true light.  It will also show the true destroyer of peace and freedom, families, especially powerful families.  They will learn in keeping with their strengths, and through their strengths will hope to improve their weaknesses.  They will learn there are more ways to achieve goals and they will be shown that the equality of all is an achievable target.  Greed and the desire to care less for the misery of others will be vehemently opposed, and violence towards others banned.

Whether it is possible to change the instinctive ancestral and nationalistic urges so quickly is hard to say.  Maybe we are a long way off the equality, impartiality and treatment of all humans, everywhere in the world, no matter their race, religion or status.  For some will suggest that the family is the best thing about humanity, I say they are wrong, because for every good parent, fair parent, decent parent, there are many more who are not.

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