Wednesday, 27 June 2012

No ordinary Wimbledon

When you look at this Wimbledon in years to come, it may end up being a defining point in the careers of three men, the big three; Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic.  All three have a chance if they win to become world number one, two have to win to become world number one, and finally one has to win to become the number one, of number ones.

Yes it all sounds confusing, but simply put there is a little more edge to this Wimbledon than normal.  Djokovic will want to cement his number one status and win his second Wimbledon, his sixth major.  He also wants to reinforce his control over Nadal who beat him in the recent French Open final.  Novak has the least to gain and lose out of the top three, if he performs at his usual high level he would expect to win Wimbledon, but this is no ordinary Wimbledon.

Nadal has plenty to gain and lose, he wants to continue his good form coming out of the French and show he can beat Djokovic on other surfaces apart from clay.  He can also make it to world number one but this is less likely as Novak would have to go out in the quarter-finals.  Nadal just wants to win the major, which would take him to twelve majors, it may get him back to world number one, or it definitely will in the near future.  Also in the back of Nadal’s mind is thought he may drop to world number three, he knows this championships is important to his career.

Finally Federer, he has the most to gain.  If Fed manages to win Wimbledon for the record equalling seventh time, he will become world number one.  He will break Sampras’s record of number of weeks at number one.  He will add to his impressive number of slam wins moving up to seventeen, increasing his lead over the rest. There are many significant milestones for Federer to reach this Wimbledon, in a career littered with milestones and records.  Yet the only significant one he doesn’t possess is within grasp for the first time in over two years, and this maybe the extra drive Fed needs to win.

I am not sure how often three of the greatest players clash in tennis or other sports for that matter, with so much riding on the outcome but it’s all happening at this Wimbledon.  Luckily Wimbledon always seems to live up to its hype.

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