Saturday, 4 June 2011

All the Lies!!!

Well I have had this tune in my head for years and years, and for some reason I have decided to add lyrics to it. Doubt it has any relevance to anyone, but here it is, it’s like the chorus bit, I have other bits that go with it, but hey I have never put words to my tunes in the head before.  Well not the ones from old.  Oh if you sing it you have to put on a sort of Dave Mustaine out of Megadeth, from Peace Sells album sort of voicebox sound, for it to be like I imainged it. It has to sound sinister, shows how long it has been in my head.

The rhythm is closer,

My body is looser,

Sensation is burning my eyes,

I wanted to end it,

And never to send it,

Containing ferocious desires,

You can't see my actions,

Misleading reactions,

Appalling to hear all the lies,

From then a collection,

To the right direction,

The sooner it fades and it dies.

All the lies.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, all the lies.

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