Monday, 13 June 2011

The Human Condition, the Human Disaster

You know when you use your brain and think and try to establish a commonality with your fellow man. Why is it that we find the majority of people are good, decent, people, yet we are overcome and controlled by a few who do not share these ideals? All they want is to control you, to make your life miserable, so they do not feel miserable, so they can feel what others feel automatically.

Why is it if so many people are generally good and love life as well as their fellow man, that we allow these few miscreants to destroy lives and force the rest of us to live lesser lives. Why is this the case? Why can’t it change? How can it change?

Why is it we allow this to happen? Is it because these evil destroyers, these disillusioned few; have some kind of hidden power which the rest of us do not understand. And for some reason we are inveigled into trusting them, we allow them to control us and we do nothing to change it. It’s like we know they are bad and do not want to help us, they only want to help themselves.  Yet we are not like them and are not interested in the power and control, so we end up subservient to them and just accept the dreadful situation they have created. We just want to live our lives in peace and harmony, but since it does not satisfy the deceivers, we the majority have to suffer.

There are so many examples throughout history and even now the pattern never changes, you would have to write a book the size and length of War and Peace just to discuss them. Why do some people hate the fact others may enjoy something, like living a happy life, without fear, or stress, or pain?

To think I live in a country that was the once cornerstone of liberty and freedom, yet now it is falling down the pan quicker than a large turd is flushed down a toilet. We have the wonderful choice of one shit selfish political party, over another shit selfish party. They are laughable and everyone laughs at them, as the visit from the American President showed, yet we cannot do a damn thing to change it.

And what would we change it to? Another form of control; which the same types of power hungry controllers would want to take advantage of. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place; we left one tornado behind, only to find ourselves stuck in the middle of a hurricane, and if and when the hurricane ends, we will just find a tornado or some other dreadful human disaster to take its place.

We worry about natural disasters but believe me human disasters are far worse. At least there are times when there are no natural disasters, whereas we are constantly updating our human ones. They follow on like a precession, a production line of greed and ineptitude; never learning to help its public, only wanting to help itself. They think they know better than the rest of us, they think they need to control you, and give you basically nothing. A shit life, where you are basically a slave until you die, is what they think is acceptable.

Is it acceptable? Should it be acceptable? And why do we accept it? Because we are not like them, we do not want to cause a fuss; we do not want to rock the boat. We just want to be happy, and have some peace and harmony, this is what I would suspect nearly every human being in the world wants. Yet why is it that if the majority wants this, then why can’t we have it? Why do we allow the few to keep us trapped in misery, and slavery, poverty, fear and insecurity?

We will ever get this happy harmonious life, or will it always be the case that the dreadful power-hungry few will never allow it to happen. And even if some knight in shining armour comes along as has happened before, and probably happens more than you think; because they are not naturally evil like the hidden others, they are eventually and unwittingly, controlled themselves.

How can anyone realistically believe in a God, when people like this exist?

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