Thursday, 23 June 2011

Increased CO2 cuts from 20% to 30% - what a joke!!!

I am not sure which Muppet David Cameron would be, but he is definitely one of Jim Henson’s creations. As if trying to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% is not bad enough he wants to make it 30%, what planet is this fool living on? For starters it is total lunacy to even try to reduce CO2, as it will have no effect on the environment. What is strange is that whilst crucifying our country by continuing the devastating green targets, we are also backing the Canadians in using their dirty environmentally unfriendly tar sands oil. As well as the terrible costs, and the destruction of the Canadian forests, our Muppet government does not want to ban its use, yet it is quite prepared to send our country back to the dark ages with their archaic green policies.

Two faced, back stabbers comes to mind when discussing politics in the UK, whether they are on the imaginary left or imaginary right.

Here is a little poem about Politian’s.

I am a Politian, and I’m very good at lying,

I pretend I want to help you,

Yet ignore you when you’re crying,

All I care about is prestige,

How much money can I make,

I don’t care about the public,

All I do is smile and fake,

I don’t care about the poor,

I don’t care about the old,

All I care about is my castle,

To get the best price when it’s sold,

And when finally I get sick of lying,

I can write a big fat book,

And snigger in the background

When people pay to have a look,

I am a Politian, and I cannot help but laugh,

As long as everyone keeps electing us,

You will never get good staff.

The blinded fools, the do-gooders, are ironically likely to destroy the world than save it. In fifty years time when the few, and I mean the very few, own everything and they have a wonderful lifestyle whilst the rest of the world lives in absolute misery. These do-gooders can sit back and tell their children, yes little Johnny, we only have electricity for ten hours a day, and we cannot travel and the world is a shitty mess, but at least we managed to reduce carbon emissions by 20%. Yes, but daddy it didn’t make any difference, did it.

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