Thursday, 2 June 2011

Six of England’s twelve man squad not born in England, so what!

Jade Dernbach has replaced Jimmy Anderson in the England squad and some will be questioning this, but I don’t see why. In this day and age with plenty of travel and the fact England, well Britain, is one of those old colonial, empire building, countries of the past, and basically has one of the most multicultural societies in the world. This is bound to have an effect on things like sports, especially a one like cricket, where this sort of thing has gone on for years and years. I remember a kid at school his father was Italian and his mother British, he had spent his whole life in Britain, but if you asked him which footie team he would play for (if he had been good at football) it would have been Italy, not England. I remember another kid who had a Scottish parent he had lived his whole life in England, yet he supported Scotland.

If you have some kind of association with the country you play for, then great; I draw the line if you don’t. Plus saying that Strauss and Prior aren’t really English is foolish, they have spent most of their lives here, OK Trott and Pietersen are slightly different, but they chose to play for England, not South Africa, and as far as Morgan in concerned England and Ireland have been swapping players in various sports for years. This is just the way it is in Britain, because of the multicultural and diverse society we live in.

Maybe if other less multicultural countries of the world, had better diversity and more tolerance to difference, then we wouldn’t have so many wars, racism, and violence, but hey that’s a different story altogether.

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