Monday, 30 August 2010

A thought about Dark Energy

Ockham’s razor states that the simplest answer is probably the right answer. Then there is that wonderful saying (not sure if it’s from a scientist or a film), "if all possible outcomes have been exhausted, whatever is left, however implausible must be the truth". Well let’s look at Dark Energy...
Imagine instead of the Dark Energy pulling us apart at exponential rates, there is Super Gravity, pushing mass together not from close distances, but extreme ones. Gravity as Newton and Einstein explained seems to work on massive objects up to certain distances depending on the size of the object. After which Dark Energy kicks in the starts to pull the matter apart. Well as we all know – no one knows what Dark Energy is; it is a convenience created because of the fact we believe the Universe is expanding. What if instead of expanding outwards away from the other matter in our known Universe, our cosmic web, instead it is being pulled towards larger more massive collections of stars, larger cosmic webs. Now the light from these stars would not reach us since they are incredible distances away. Trillions of light years maybe, the collective force of the rest of the Universe surrounding our cosmic web maybe so great, the laws of physics change when dealing with such massive quantities.

Below is a crude diagram of what I mean, the black ellipses and circles are the cosmic web’s, or collections of extremely large volumes of matter (stars, galaxies etc) – like our own known Universe.

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