Tuesday, 17 August 2010

We should not exist

At present with our knowledge and understanding of the Universe, we should not exist. You see the basic premise about our known Universe is that it was created in the “big bang”, which I have mentioned earlier. To anyone who does not know what the “big bang” is; it is a single moment in space/time when all things we see in our Universe exploded into existence. They did not start as the many elements, compounds, etc we see around today, but essentially all the matter in the Universe started from this point; this nothingness. Now maybe it’s just me but from our perspective to start from nothing is impossible. Hence we should not exist. As you all know this causes a big problem because we do exist, when we should not. Does this mean that there are also bodies/entities/things that do not exist that should? Or is it that they exist, where they are in the Infinitiverse from their perspective, and since they exist there we cannot exist here? Apologies if this is getting confusing because it confuses me. Imagine the parallel Universe concept, this is probably the nearest to explaining what I mean. If there are a billion trillion versions of yourself out there, they all exist, yet they do not know you or any of the other you’s, that may exist too. Could you or would you be able to exist in the space, moment, dimensions, or membranes (I have heard parallel universe’s or multiverse’s, and other dimension called this before) of the other versions of yourself. Plus if they existed and they had conscious thought, that would make them all different consciously, yet similar in other ways. Would they be similar biologically? What if the laws of physics were different there? Would they have the same parents or how would all this parallel universe, dimension, membrane, existence work, who knows. Fascinating to think about though, well to someone like me it is, probably not to many others I suspect.

Along time ago I thought of it as a scale, existence on one side, none existence on the other, the problem with this was that there were bodies/entities/objects that exist proportionally to that scale, so some may half exist. Then I realised that the scale only worked from my perspective and is different from theirs. They would always exist. And the scale would work accordingly from there. Does that make sense? It does to me. This is where my perspective concept seemed to make more sense. If you believe that everything that exists has a unique perspective, and that perspective is perfect for it to exist/live in that environment. Then it makes it possible to have our “big bang”, our known universe, parallel universe’s, a multiverse, membranes, my Infinitiverse, other versions of yourself, similar versions of yourself, different laws of physics, even more laws of physics, I could go on and on. The big question to me is uniqueness, although there may be many versions of everything there is only one unique version and that is you, me, our sun or our beautiful planet. You then have to ask yourself, if everything can happen or has happened and every perspective will be perceived, does this mean that somewhere there is a God. Or many gods, I think there probably is, but not in our Universe, at least not from our perspective.

Finally, one of my first ever thoughts about how the universe worked, developed to help with a book I wanted to write, I thought of life differently then, I wanted to created an idea that would run and run for many stories. I thought of the idea of a soul, that journeyed through many lifetimes, and it was like a bus journey, your life was the bus route.  When one journey was over you jumped on to another bus and went off in a totally different direction on a new journey. Would be nice to think that was how life worked. I think I’ll add the prologue I wrote after thinking of that idea :-)

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