Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A life that cannot know its own existence is a life without soul.

A life unknown, without awareness of its own existence; is a life without soul.

All original moments begin first; until perspective grows.

On the first planet of the first Universe, of the first dimension, evolution forms the first soul. An energetic charge, a simple twist of fate, rasps of wispy logic, majestically combining, defining, a new beginning of self.

Before time, still unknown in existence, before form or purpose; souls flourished and spread. Free to flow in amazing calm and peace. Many moments passed, many souls enjoyed careless contemplation, of their existence. They thought and thought, deliberated, concentrated, yet something was missing – love.


Aden met and fell in love with Eva.

As their bodies caressed, and their love blossomed, the earliest of souls found physical form. Flowing torrents, fresh emotions, deep desires, and finally love, rushed though every soul. Eva then fell in love with Aden and they bonded for the first time in all existence.

Their love would create a new Realm, the Realm of Light, a light to shine over all souls.

From glorious happiness, tragedy befell our fledgling lovers, as an evil demon separated their souls for 100 million lifetimes, an eternity to all. Anguish, torment, and total emptiness descended on Aden's soul. The soul longed for a reunion with its mate, “Oh Eva my love.” The physical body, so weak, so small in comparison to a soul took the emptiness and in desperation tried to channel it. The body became a hellish prison, dead, a gaping hole of dreadful nothingness; despair and misery filled the gap Eva had left in Aden.

One warm autumn day Aden woke with a sense that something special would happen. Sitting eating breakfast next to the ocean, the wind whispered her name – Eva. Slowly, so effortlessly, swirling delicately, the sounds caressed his heart and ignited his soul. A warm longing surged through Aden. Rushing to his car, he drove as fast as he could, without thinking, he just knew where she would be. Driving for hours, he eventually saw a rise in the distance, a grove of orange trees. As the car pulled in, it was nearing dusk, the sun was setting over the valley; the most beautiful place on the planet was the only fitting place to meet the most beautiful soul. Heart pounding, he could see a figure in the distance, was it her? Was 100 million lifetimes of emptiness about to end? As he reached the figure, he now knew it was a woman, but was it her? Composing himself not knowing how she may react, he called her name; Eva. Slowly the slender figure gracefully turned, her beautiful head of flowing raven hair, "yes". Their eyes met and they embraced each other, it was her smell, her sensuous smile, her hypnotic eyes.

Love blossomed again and when back in the Realm of Light they made a bound - never to be apart.

For billion lifetimes they loved each other, enjoyed, and bettered existence wherever they went.

When existence is so long, so eternal, tragedy raises its evil head more than once. Eva watched by a deranged stalker, a jealous deceiver, Luke was his name and he created the devil - evil souls. He forced the two lovers apart.

Luke murdered Eva, and tortured Aden for the rest of his long life, when breath finally left the body and the soul released - it was a changed soul. Fear was new to a soul and now Aden felt fear, the fear consumed him; he did not know how to forget this travesty. For another billion lifetimes, Aden's soul could not cope, fearing everything. Then dejected and lost, beyond hope, Eva found him, touched his worn and weathered face, and repaired his broken soul. Tears filled his eyes; she had found him and rescued him from fear.

Luke would try his evil doing on many more occasions, finally in one almighty war; the Realm of Light drew sides and in a great battle good triumphed over evil. Aden collapsed to his knees when finally the Devil was vanquished. Aden and Eva, now strove to break past this Universe to expand and create their own, to make life in their own image, and so they created Infinitiverse. Everything sees its own perfect world from its own perspective. Now from their example a trillion, trillion other Universes exist, expanding life to infinite possibilities.

One Infinitiverse.

Seven Realms.

From substance, came light, then followed perspective, the reverse caused enlightenment, as dimensions gave infinite possibilities, the entity could not foresee - so time was created. And there now seemingly set it stone the seven Realms for all to see. Reason and love began this tale and reason and love will end it, for when you truly understand reason and have found true love a new Universe will form, to give reason and love to us all.

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