Wednesday, 18 August 2010

An original thought

In the blink of an eye, your mind creates a billion, billion, original thoughts. New ideas, new beginnings; strange concepts, totally incomprehensible, yet amazingly creative is a mind full of original thoughts. One of the most rewarding feelings of joy any human can experience, this is why I have to write down all my thoughts, it is immensely important to me. And yet I feel a sense of sadness and despondency, to think that so many wonderful, original thoughts are never able to flourish. Shadows lost in the midst of time, how many chances to better the world we live in, gone forever, never to return, distant memories of radical concepts too far away from the norm to be seen as sheer folly. A foolish nonsense, best forgotten, never able to rise again, doomed to ridged conformism.

To all those people out there who have original thoughts (that’s everyone or nearly everyone) and neglect them, ignore them or plane don’t realise you have them, I truly feel sorry that you cannot feel the pleasure, an original thought contains.

The incredible joy and ecstasy you receive from your soul when you experience an original thought. It's an amazing wonder, it's a miracle we make them at all. How astounding an evolutionary leap from what we were, to what we have become.

I am an addict, I love original thoughts, whether they are actually original or an amazing deception the brain plays on the mind. I want to have as many as I can and sometimes if I remember I write them down. Not for any other reason than it makes me feel better when I do it.

Believe me it is truly an addiction to benefit the body, mind and soul.

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