Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Self delusion

Writing this blog has helped me to realise, that it is ok to respect yourself, it is ok to hold true to your beliefs even if all you know around you, believe it to be false. Trust in yourself, be true to your deepest feelings and desires, try to be honest with who you are and accept your fallibility, your faults, and never hide them away. Try to better yourself, and your opinions of yourself, for deep down we are always our fiercest critics. Trying... is the hardest part; try to not delude yourself, to make believe you are more than you really are. Self delusion, a humans greatest gift and also its greatest destructive force, I know I am full of self delusion, but I accept it within myself. I know my faults, but I use them to try and make me a better man, a better human being, at least I delude myself I am. Ignorance is bliss, especially when the ignorance is of yourself.

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