Friday, 13 August 2010

Halton Arp’s Red Shift anomaly

What I love about science is that it is supposed to be impartial, through peer review and experiment. The finding of evidence through observation means we do not stay static; there is always a new mind, a new thinker with a new idea willing to stake his career on it. Sometimes others, who believe in the opposite and have staked their careers on that opposite view, try to hit back. Like a wounded animal cornered, they attack and attack with some venom. Now I can understand why they do this, they might receive grants or public funding and do not want to lose that money. They are probably engrossed in their own ideology that they do not see the potential in someone else’s concepts and ideas so they do what is a basic instinct to all life. They fight or submit.

This has happened throughout history and not just in science, the stronger ones, the ones who were committed to changing thoughts, would not lose sight of their goals. Some were proven right like Galileo, Newton, Faraday, Einstein, as well as many others. I believe even the great Richard Feynman and Nils Bohr were ridiculed originally for their ideas and concepts.

So back to Halton Arp, I am not saying I believe what he says as I haven’t had a chance to study it enough, but I find it disturbing that in the world of science we are starting to banish certain scientists and certain views on science as heretical. This is surely not good for the progression of our species.

As far as I see, there is something strange, not quite correct about our expanding Universe and the Big Bang. We invent Dark Energy to explain its ever expanding motion. Astronomers say the Universe isn’t just expanding but it is also accelerating, this baffles many and creates a paradox, which we cannot explain. I find the red shift argument difficult to get my head around. I am sorry I am no astronomer but as I have been told, red shift is based on light as we observe from the Galaxies in the Universe. The explanation I always hear is that it is like a siren on a fire engine, as it draws closer to you it makes a short sound and as it moves away the sound is stretched making that wine sound we hear as it flies past. I am told this is also true for light, when it is heads towards you it is shown as blue, and moving away it is shown as red. This is where I get confused because I thought light, as seen in a spectrum shows electromagnet vibration according to the elements they are made of, or the type of light it is; like infrared and ultraviolet. Surely all stars cannot be in the red shift, what about x-rays and gamma rays, or radio waves are they not part of the scale and what colour do they show up as. If someone could explain that to me I would be most appreciative.

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  1. Wish I could! I'll have to read up on Halton Arp. Actually sounds like a good name for one of the characters in your story! Shame it's already taken.