Saturday, 14 August 2010

Halton Arp continued

I realised I didn't tell anyone who Halton Arp is. He is an Astronomer who with the help of Margaret and Geoffrey Burbidge, found that the red shifts of pulsars differ considerably to their companion Galaxies. Nearly every other Astronomer thinks he is a heretic, and he was even sacked from his post for his views. I believe his evidence pertains to Peculiar Galaxies which he created an Atlas showing their unusual formation. He also showed how Pulsars and their neighbouring Galaxies are connected but that their red shifts were vastly different.

As I said earlier he may not be right and there seems plenty of Astronomers out there who want to prove him wrong, but the way the science community has treated him is in my view disgraceful. No one who thinks of an original idea or a new concept should be treated in this manner. All it does is deter people who think differently from the perceived norm to hide a way and not tell the world their thoughts. To me it is no different to religion. Forcing one ideology, and never listening to another’s values or thoughts.

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