Monday, 9 August 2010

The scourge of humanity

We westernised, capitalist societies are a strange race. Most of us lead dull uninteresting lives; spend most of our waking days performing boring, tedious, jobs. Mind numbing, pointless occupations, we all sleep walk to oblivion. We do this for many reasons, but mainly because we delude ourselves that we need lots of nice things. Buy a nice house, own a nice car; fill the nice house with lots of expensive products. New flat screen TV’s, top of the range Hi-Fi systems, garden furniture, etc, etc. Buying new products cheers our misery for a short while, then we need to purchase more and more. We stress ourselves at work, working harder and harder, longer and longer, in the vain hope we will get promoted or receive a pay rise, so we can use the extra money to cement our futile existence further. We go on holidays to choreographed destinations, for short periods of time to get away from the tedium of working life. We become greedy for more and more short lived stimulus. I need a better job and better social standing, I need to seem higher than my peers, it is a necessity for humanity. I work harder and get my promotion; I find a wife or husband and have kids, I buy a better house and nicer car. I want more and more, but am I ever really happy? I still have debt, yet now I earn a small fortune. How much do we need? Everything gained this way comes at a cost, it rips out your soul, leaves you empty, lost, not knowing what you really wanted or desired in the first place.

Our wonderful, developed, modern world, has created a mass of automatons, robots feeding corporate globalisation. The masses are unknowingly bored and fearful, scared, stressed, miserable human beings, unable to fully express themselves to their full potential. Ready and willing, to accept a mediocre, less than perfect life, for the sake of a few a possessions. Lobotomised, dazed and confused, stumbling like a drunk, without any true purpose, never able to fulfil their potential.

Sad really, will it ever change?


  1. I'm still thinking about this one.

  2. I think you will find things are changing - you just haven't bumped into the people yet who are aware of it. You will.