Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Global Warming, Conspiracy and Government Control

My last blog may seem controversial, it is meant to be, when I wrote the last piece I was more radical in my views. I have calmed down in my old age, at least since I wrote that piece. I just feel the world is full of chaos and confusion, and because of this we cannot progress as well as we should. Now I do not know what to make of Climate Change and Global Warming, or whether it is our fault? Is it even slightly our fault? I presume that a portion of it is, but I feel the way we go about resolving the problem is wrong. Too many short sited people with their own agendas, trying to take advantage of whatever the latest problem, to be placed in front of our species. Throughout history these schemers  and charlatans have tried to take advantage and to our detriment some succeeded.

The way I try to way things up, to see it any of it is real or mostly BS, is to find a thought/concept/idea I know to be true and see if they discuss or mention it. I think people are sick of being treated like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed on sh*t. We now have more intelligence and we want to use this intelligence to improve ourselves. Yet the elite at the top don’t want us to be intelligent, they want sheep controlled and penned in. That is why I feel so many conspiracies exist because we are never told the full truth. And to top it off we are deliberately fooled by the charlatans and so we have so much information bombarded at us, we don’t know what is real and what is not. What is to be believed and what is rubbish, it is daunting. At least I find it daunting. No one listens, and no one wants to change the system, because it’s too difficult. Someone needs to have the balls to stand up and say we are sick of being Mushrooms; we want to know the truth. We want everyone to have a decent life, and live in peace and happiness. Not misery, fear, pain and control.

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