Saturday, 25 September 2010

Chaos and Confusion

I think I have elaborated on this before but it is a fundamental issue in today’s society. We humans especially the ones living in the developed world, with our 50” LED’s, iPads, and smart phones, home computers with terabytes of hard drive space and 50 meg download speeds, blu-ray disc’s, internet, several hundred TV channels, as well as the good old fashioned newspaper, magazines, and whatever else people use to gather information. We are all lost in chaos and confusion.

Without realising it, we are constantly bombarded with masses of data, information, knowledge, some good, but most of it BS. No wonder we don’t know what is going on, we are told so many view points, so many differing opinions, most of us just switch off to it all. It’s like trying to hearing a conversion whilst standing on the dance floor with loud music blaring around you, in the middle of an earthquake. It is insane, but that is exactly how they want it to be, they don’t want you to know the truth, they don’t want you to have time to listen to all arguments objectively. They want you confused, bewildered, lost in an ocean of possibilities, unable to find the correct route home. Imagine if we were able to find a truth machine and we allowed it to sift through the masses of rubbish bombarded at us every day. I wonder how much of the supposed truth would be actually true. It is so easy to convince humans of ideas and concepts; it is so simple to make you believe what they want you to believe. Just look at our history it has been done since civilisation began. Looking truthful is better than being truthful. It gets to a point when people start to become more paranoid and sometimes radical ideas that are so unrealistic and false, totally inconceivable that anyone would be crazy to believe them, suddenly take hold. They fester underneath, hidden slowly gaining power and over time more and more people believe them until this idea becomes mainstream, and starts to cause devastation and destruction. These ideas are generally bad ideas, wrong ideas, and the future of our planet is placed in jeopardy because of them.

We live in a time when bad ideas are allowed to grow far quicker than in the past, more people hear them, and more people believe them. Why do we believe them? We believe them because we are confused and surrounded by chaos; we are brought up in fear. We are controlled and forced to believe what we are told. Yet most of what we are told is lies, or dumbed down versions of the truth, deliberately formulated to keep us all in line.

I wish someone would invent a BS machine and let it see the mess our world lives in.

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