Friday, 17 September 2010

Worship - A bad practice hidden from logic

Worship is probably one of the most stupid acts a human can aspire to, why you would really want to worship something or someone. Following something blindly without reason or fact is crazy, but that is what the worshippers do.

It does not benefit anyone to worship something; it certainly does not benefit the worshipped for whatever caused this adulation it will eventually destroy it. In addition, the worshipers what do they really get from it, they blindly and unwaveringly follow these people or deities or leaders or whatever to their sticky end.

Life is for living not for worshipping. You might reply, at least you should worship yourself; I say no you should not blindly believe you are great; it is also a route to oblivion. The age old saying, ‘Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately’ is correct, but generally, the worshippers put this person, object or deity in this position in the first place. Their devotion and unyielding loyalty to whatever they worship, deceives the worshipper to a point of no return. After a while, the worshippers cannot tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong, they have no free will, they are blinded, controlled and utterly obedient. They turn from worship to obsession

The worshippers lose all sense of reality and they blindly follow their worshipped leader through anything that life throws at them even if they realise it is wrong it will not stop them from performing task, however insidious it may be. To worship is to switch your mind off to anything beyond the controlled rules created.

Never worship anything or anyone, think for yourself and learn the value of friendship, learn that worshiping something is ultimately the end for your ability to live a freethinking life, your brain will then be captive to the power of the worshipped.

Maybe if people spend as much time trying to solve world hunger or find peace, than they do worshipping things, then the world would be a better place.

If there, is a grand design and if the religions were right, then a god would not want to be worshipped, he would want you to better yourself to improve yourself and worship cannot really achieve this. In the short term, you will see improvement but it doesn’t last.

Achievement is what you know and what you leave behind.

Worship leaves you begging at someone’s feet, not knowing right or wrong.

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