Thursday, 16 September 2010

Greed and the Capitalist Society

***Note*** I can't sleep, its a terrible curse, so I might as well add more writing, this one is really old about 4 years ago.

Remove whatever holds you back…   And replace it with…   Whatever pushes you forward.

Greed, greed, greed, three words everyone knows and loves. How much can I charge you for this, how much for that? We are obsessed with value and we as a race, seem to value materialism and greed above all else. We will quite happily let another human suffer and live in the most horrendous conditions, just so we can have more than we could ever need or want. It seems from my viewpoint that the only thing going on is the rich get richer and the poor well that is obvious.

I know it is an old cliché but by now as a species we should have realised this does not work. Eventually we are going to hit a critical mass, capitalism and democracy will eventually fail, new ideas need to be thought of to combat greed and materialism. We have seen in the past, ages of tyranny, of Kings and Queens, of revolution. We are, as a planet slowly increasing our moralist attitudes now. How is it different forcing a slave to work 15 hours a day or, forcing a mother in a third world country to walk five miles to work, then work a 12 hour day before trudging back for a pittance, so we in the west can have our little luxuries. You may say one is free but which one?

I love my little luxuries, but I’m sure without the greed of large corporations, we could have our luxuries without having to enslave half the developing world to achieve it. Your route to success is not through greed and accumulation of material goods, when did that ever really achieved anything. The more you have the more you want, it’s a vicious circle and it will all end with an almighty bang. Thankfully the internet has in some way developed an open source, sharing philosophy; although not perfect it’s a start of the metamorphosis from greed and capitalism to a kinder attitude to your fellow human. We need to work together to remove paranoia, and a need to horde and collect things. When humans first started to barter and swap goods - that was the most logical way to live life, a form of collaboration, I want this, you want that, I need help with this etc etc. I doubt we will end up with the utopian society they preach on Star Trek TNG but let us try to at least give everyone who lives on this incredible planet the chance to actually enjoy and fulfil themselves with peace and happiness.

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