Thursday, 30 September 2010

Surviving Purgatory

Eternal blackness covers a land ahead of time and space. A dense mass of infinite nothingness, unseen, unknown, hidden, as a shadow lost in darkness.

Jagged rocks surround the cruel seas, serrated edges; piercing points of death cover its shores. Nothing lives here; nothing can survive its torture and torment, the land is full of malice and anguish.

Above the skies radiate hell, lighting scars, dark clouds foreboding. Silence so intense, it would pain the senses, between the roars of thunderous, murderous rage.

Ice rain falls, blasting the land continually, colder than the absolute of zero, destroying mortality. Nothing can escape the impending doom, the ferocious peril and desperation of the malevolence, the decrepit evil that waits.

Yet through this as effortless as a bird in flight, as delicate as a petal, a pureness prevails, and does not die away. This light, this beauty, this freeness of will, survives the brutal encounter. Endures the wicked cruelty of this land, suffers its pain, suffers its sadness, for a short while.

Then fading, not able to stand the excruciating gloom, and the depth of loss, it succumbs, and fades away forever. Yet a change falls on the evil land, the eternal blackness slowly wanes, slowly disappears and crashes into the sea.

Gone forever is the land of hellish nightmares, gone forever, never able to return, drowned below the infinite sea of hope and light, gone for all eternity.

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